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Sondra Alexander "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life." JOHN 3:16

Born in Wichita, Kansas, Sondra grew up in the country with lots of animals.  She was intent on pursuing a career as an artist, after selling a picture to one of her high school teachers.  She is primarily self taught and because of her inquisitive nature, she has experimented with many different media. She credits her parents for their support and encouragement to always try new things!  "I don't ever remember them saying that I couldn't do something!"

In 1988 Sondra started flight training to become an airline pilot.  She pursued that goal and attained the position of First Officer on a B727. She found it stifling to her creative side, so after a ten year flying career, she left the airlines. 

Sondra is still a Certified Flight Instructor.

Sondra Alexander

What I do for fun! TAKE OFF!  &   LANDING!

Watch me play with a Lioness at the West Coast Game Park in Bandon, Oregon... I love her!!!



She has shown in different galleries throughout the Midwest.  She has also received numerous awards in various competitions.

In 2001 Sondra designed and helped produce the calendar "Pets and Their People" for three years starting with 2002.  It was a big hit and even won an advertisement "Addy" award the first year!  It has been the Kansas Humane Society's second largest fundraising event.  Click here to see the Calendars!

Sondra caters to many by her innate ability of being diverse in every media. From beautiful oil portraits of people to life-like drawings of dogs, Sondra can deliver some wonderful pictures. She offers originals, prints, bronze sculptures, and note cards.  Her newest product line is ceramic tiles.

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Sondra sculpting "Rack On" in a workshop in Taos
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Sondra is accepting commissions for Bronze and Ceramic tile only.
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